katrina tolentino

When I joined Iron Greenhouse, I was already going to the gym regularly but I was bored, didn't really have much of a plan, and wasn't seeing the fitness results that I was craving.  

My first few workouts with Taylor were hard as hell. It was a wake-up call that I really wasn't pushing myself very hard when I was at that other gym either working out by myself or taking classes. She didn't take it easy on me because I was new or because I have horrible asthma. She would stand next to my rower as I was struggling to finish our conditioning piece and say, "C'mon Kat. 10 more." And I would pull ten more. She'd say it a few more times till I finished. She does it now and I swear she always knows when I need it. She probably doesn't know this, but those 4 words really help get me through.

I've been training w/ Taylor for 9 months now. In the first 6 months, I went from a 235 lB deadlift to 290 lb, lost body fat, gained muscle, form and range of motion have improved tremendously, and I'm really enjoying pushing my body to see what it can do. Even better is the mental grit you earn through the work that you put in, which carries over to other aspects of your life. Her training is programmatic and it works. And if there's something you want to work on, she will give you homework, macro advice, and everything that you could possibly need to succeed. If you don't show up, she worries about you. If your car is broken down, she'll prob try to come pick you up. Bear, my pup was a gym regular, and when he died, she offered up one of her own pups for slumber parties. She'll yell at you too, if you need it.



I’m lucky that Taylor Loyd saved me from years of the average “cruise control” fitness routine of weights/treadmill, loose goals/direction, boot camp/cardio burn-out, miss lifting weights/now what?

We were recently doing a ton of 5-rep sets of deadlifts when I realized the weight I was using was my 1-rep max only about a 1.5 years ago. A huge gain that’s indicative of my experience on Taylor’s program which is an excellent combination of strength training, conditioning, and functional movements. There’s a lot of variation and moves I had never or rarely done before. I was hooked from day one.

Taylor has also increased my nutrition knowledge, designed a personalized meal plan, and is always ready with advice. The combination truly works. Across all major lifts, I can do multiple sets with my initial max weight. I routinely do conditioning workouts that initially looked insane and I recently ran my fastest mile time ever. 

Two points that are more important than higher PR’s: 
1) I had minor, but consistent lower-back discomfort from a pulled muscle which has completely healed. I can only credit increased strength and a focus on varied movements. 

2) Taylor’s awareness of your individual capabilities and patience in coaching you to results. If you don’t have the knowledge, strength, flexibility, etc. for a movement, she’s not going to force it on you. Taylor will methodically coach you up, step-by-step, until you’re succeeding where you originally failed. 

Taylor walks the walk so it’s immediately obvious that she’s the right person to follow if you want to get stronger and raise your fitness game. In short, she’s a fitness bad ass.



Picking the right trainer/coach and the right gym is a tough choice for everyone. Everyone has their own schedule, desires and goals. What I like and what I’m capable of doing may not be the same for everyone. One of the hardest things to do is to switch gyms and trainers because you’re already comfortable where you are. However, I felt as though I'd plateaued at my other gym and the workouts they provided. This isn't a knock on them they were great for what I needed previously, but sometimes a big change is needed to get you over that hump and making that change can sometimes be a life altering experience. 


I’ve trained with Taylor at another gym prior to IGH and I've always admired her passion for what she does. When I started training with her again I noticed that she was an even more passionate about her craft (if that's even possible) and it shows in her coaching. She continues to have the drive to learn and grow as a coach (while staying humble) and we’re all reaping the benefits of it. One of my favorite things about our training is that it's not always about how fast you can finish, it's more about finishing strong when you barely have anything left to give.

I’ve always been a bit uneasy when it comes to my form while lifting heavy weights. One of the reasons I shied away from it for many years. However, with Taylor coaching, she’s not only corrected my form but also has given me the confidence to continue lifting heavier and making minor adjustments to optimize my workout. This sounds cliché, but she definitely knows how to get the best out of me!

Everyday that I show up at IGH I don’t know what to expect.  But one thing for sure is that the workout is carefully planned out and is destined to kill me by the end of class. The team that I train with push each other to new levels of strength and conditioning (Yes! We're always chasing PR's even though we won't openly admit it!). We cheer each other on, push through the trying times and we celebrate our victories together.  I love being greeted by my favorite pups when I walk through the door. This is the environment that Taylor as created for us. We show up, we have fun, we push our limits and WE STAY HUNGRY!




I have been a member at Iron Greenhouse since April '17.

I love this gym, love the coaches, the workouts, the members, all of it. The vibe is so welcoming and positive. I have quickly become friends with so many amazing people and I look forward to seeing them everyday at the gym.

I first came to IGH completely out of shape and only having lifted a couple of times in the past without proper instruction.

I went from not being able to do 10 burpees without breaks to doing 20 at a time unbroken. My deadlifts have gone from >100 to 235lbs and I can't wait to be a part of the 300 club.

I am proud of the change that is happening both mentally and physically for me since joining IGH.

Colton is such a great coach and really cares about his athletes, reaching out if we have been MIA and checking on us when we have aches and pains. He has more confidence in my abilities than I have myself sometimes and that is exactly the kind of support I need and appreciate. I hope to be a part of the IGH family for a long long time!